His heart was heavy. The Almighty was nudging him to move on. That’s why he was on his way to Bethlehem, the innocent lamb bleating as they walked along the dusty road together. Samuel couldn’t help the sorrow from filling his heart.

He had such high hopes for Israel’s first king.

As much as the people loved King Saul, the young man didn’t have the pure heart, nor the back bone, to rule God’s people…as he plainly saw at Amalek. Samuel shook his head. If only Saul could have a heart that followed the Almighty’s instructions. If only Saul could have waited on God. But now he was on his way to anoint Saul’s replacement. Jesse had seven good sons and when Samuel saw the oldest, hope sparked within. But God had a different plan…

A boy.

A shepherd.

Not what you would probably choose either. After all, if you were choosing the nations next king, you would need a man, right? Not a shepherd boy who’s done nothing but keep his father’s sheep. Yet, as we hear in the verses of “Measure of a Man” the world has a list of requirements to be successful, effective and popular, but God’s standards are very different. Let’s take a listen…

Listen to track three – Measure Of A Man 

In today’s society, it is so easy to be drawn into a mind-set that evaluates worth by what we see on the outside; and nothing could be further from God’s heart. He never judges by appearance – always, He seeks the hidden secrets of the heart. Did you know that in God’s eyes, David was already qualified to be king before he was chosen for the position? He may have been young and inexperienced, but David’s zeal to do what was right and show bravery in times when no one was watching won God’s heart. Did you know that you don’t have to gain popularity or in an influential position to be used by the Lord? David had a heart for God before he was anointed king. Before he slew Goliath. That purity set him up for great things and for the rest of his life, David was known for his close relationship with God. Therefore, God thought it was best to place His people in the hands of a youth who had a fearless heart, who was jealous for his God. Israel never had another king like David! This is important for you to know because the Devil would like you to think that you can’t be used of the Lord unless you have a certain position or are in a place where people see you all the time. When you have thoughts like this, remember, God sees your heart and is not limited by human standards. If you’re God’s child, He sees Jesus when He looks at you. As we’ve studied at the beginning of this challenge, He doesn’t see an imperfect, fallible person residing in human flesh – He sees His Son’s perfection resting on you, empowering you to accomplish anything in His name. And trust me, the Heavenly Father is looking for modern day David’s. He’s roaming the hillsides of the world searching out those who have a heart for Him. Don’t let other people size you up or weigh you on their scales. God determines the measure of you by searching out what in on the inside - and I believe He’s Jesus every time He looks at you.


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The world’s scale is faulty – don’t measure yourself by it. God defines your value, not people. #RedeemedChallenge  
Have you been told you won’t reach your dream? Don’t give up! God chose a shepherd boy to rule a nation. #RedeemedChallenge
Been talked about? Cheated? Mistreated? Don’t despair, God looks on the inside of your heart. #RedeemedChallenge  

  Week 9
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