He went about doing good. What if Jesus had come to earth and never performed a miracle? What if He never gave sight to the blind man, healed the lame or raised Lazarus from the dead? What if He never fed the five thousand or told the woman at the well about living water? What if He held back His power and nothing happened when the woman with the issue of blood touched his garment? What if the only thing Jesus did while He was on earth was pay for our sins?

Would there be anything wrong with that?

No, of course not. He is God, He didn’t owe anyone anything. He didn’t have to heal anyone or do anything in addition to redeeming us from our sin. The awesome reality that we could be forgiven and spend eternity with Him would have been enough. Yet, in the Gospels, we see Jesus going above and beyond the work of redemption just to be a blessing to people. What was the result of His good works? He made the world a better place.

When Jesus was on earth, His words and actions represented what was in the Heavenly Father’s heart. Now, Jesus is in heaven with His Father and we are His children, how we act represents all that is in His heart. Our greatest ambition in life is to be as much like Jesus as we can. There will be times we fall short and miss opportunities, but just because we failed in the past doesn’t mean we have to keep failing in the present.

We can make the world a better place.

We can go about doing good.

We can be someone’s miracle.

If we don’t do it, no one else will. Charity and humanitarian efforts are wonderful things – but they only satisfy temporary needs and often, only the needs of those who are in desperate straits. There are hurting people everywhere who look just fine on the outside. Oftentimes, we don’t know how our friendly smile effects the one it is offered to. But something as simple as that can be a miracle when they’re having a bad day. Then, there may be times when you have the chance to tell a person about Jesus. When you share the love of Christ with someone, it has the power to satisfy needs that last a lifetime. If someone is anxious – Christ can give them peace. When someone feels like an outcast – Christ offers unconditional acceptance. If a person feels unloved – the love of Christ can overwhelm that feeling of abandonment. Whether we get to share these things in passing, through a conversation or a practical act of kindness, the most important thing is that the other person leaves with the miracle they needed at that moment.

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The amazing thing about all this is; God wants to use us to convey these truths to others. He can use us in so many different ways. The hope someone needs may simply be taking a few moments out of your day to stop and pray with them. You don’t have to feed five thousand, but maybe there is a family living on your street who is suffering from unemployment and you can drop off a bag of groceries for them. If you’re not financially able to do that, don’t worry, God will send you something else to do. There is no task too small for the Kingdom of God. Smiling at someone or a simple greeting can brighten someone’s day. The important thing is not to limit how God can use you. Go, be someone’s miracle!


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Just because you failed in the past doesn’t mean you have to keep failing in the present.#RedeemedChallenge   
People pray, “Help me, Jesus,” and He will, but sometimes, He uses us to do it.#RedeemedChallenge
Miracle – something that can’t be explained by nature or science. Do something unnatural - be someone’s miracle! #RedeemedChallenge   

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