In the time of Jesus, there was a lady named Mary, who poured a very expensive bottle of ointment on the Lord's feet. Commentators tell us that this ointment would have cost a year’s wages for a common laborer. However, our interest in this ointment was not how much it cost, but its fragrance. Notice that our Key Scripture says, “And the house was filled with the odor of the ointment.” Like modern perfumes and cologne, you didn’t have to use a lot of spikenard to achieve the desired effect. It was potent. To pour just a little on Jesus would have made an impression, but Mary emptied the bottle. When she poured all of it on Jesus, everyone in the room became saturated with the scent. Every person who left the house carried the fragrance of spikenard with them.

Being different is like that.
Some say that being different is defined by your actions; yet, there are many cultures and customs in this world that are diverse and one is not superior to the other. What we do is not merely enough to make a difference in this world, due to the variety of ways things can be done, depending on what crowd you’re with. The heart of being different begins on the inside, simply said, it’s who you are, not what you do. It’s like the spikenard – it is something that is a part of you, it saturates your whole person. As the perfume filled the whole house with its scent, when you are different, you bring a glow to the people and situations around you that were not there before. Now, how do we become like this?

Spend time with Christ every day. When you receive His love and grace for each day and let Him change the thoughts and feelings inside, you will become a different person. A person who naturally glows with the love of Christ and reaches out to help others…just like Jesus would do Himself. When you spend time with Jesus, and like Mary, give Him the things that have cost you the most – your life will be transformed by His grace. Others will notice that there is something different about you. They will sense the Lord’s sweet presence when they’re around you. You will become that house on the hill that shines brightly and the helping hand that will always be the first to help people…and all these things will happen naturally.
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After you have spent time in the Lord’s presence, you are ready to face whatever challenges and opportunities that will come your way. The first verse of “You Could Be the Difference” speaks of lending an ear when others need to talk, not being afraid to speak the truth in love and standing for what’s right, even if you’re the only one. These are things that anyone can do and most often, they don’t take a lot of time – just courage. This week, spend time with Christ and let His joy, peace and love become a part of you. Those around you may wonder why you have happiness in a difficult situation or hope when things go wrong; just tell them, “Why be like everyone else, just because you can?


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Why be like everyone else, just because you can? #RedeemedChallenge  
Spend time with Jesus – He will transform your life! #RedeemedChallenge

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