n Jesus’ time, a Roman soldier could press Jews to serve as a porter for short distances.  This was a legal practice in the ancient world.  However, the Romans were limited as to how much they could inflict on a stranger – the limit was one mile.  After that, they had to carry their own stuff or find a different Jew.  Though this practice was the law, some Jews outright refused to do this – they considered themselves too good for such a task and wouldn’t obey, even if it was law.   Jesus knew that religious prejudice wouldn’t get the attention of, or change the world.  But grace would. Kindness would.  When a soldier called upon a Jew to do him this public service and the Jew would be willing to go twice the distance with him because Jesus changed his life – that would get the attention of the pagan world.

Today’s world is much the same.
Though there are no laws demanding us to use our time for others without reimbursement, a genuine act of kindness given to a stranger with no expectation of getting anything in return is a rare thing in today’s world.  Hundreds of cars pass that beggar on the street corner, how many people do you think stopped to bless that person?  The single mom doesn’t expect help from a stranger, but don’t you think it would brighten her day to see a kind smile from someone who cares enough to lend a hand for a few minutes?  Would it take so much of our time and energy to be a blessing to someone this week?
Listen to Track 10
As we listen to “One Mile World” today, our heart has a choice to make.  
Will we turn our heads and forget the needs we see?  Or, will we step up and make this world a better place?
How far is the second mile?

When posed with such a question, it is natural to ask, “Exactly how far is this extra mile?” Our answer is this - It is as far as you want it to be. Our commission as Christians is not to make a check list to mark off or do the same things over and over again. We should set out doing things for others to be a blessing, not to show off “good works” or make it a duty we don’t enjoy. Our job is simply keeping our eyes open to the needs of people around us and filling a need when it turns up.

Oftentimes, we won’t do the same thing twice. One week, your neighbors may be on summer vacation and you may want to surprise them by cutting their grass. Another time, you may learn that someone from church had a death in the family and you feel led to send them a card with comforting words. You can go through the Drive Thru at a fast food restaurant and pay for the order of the vehicle behind you, visit someone in the hospital or offer to babysit your neighbor’s kids so their parents can enjoy a date-night. You should not feel that you must do the same thing all the time (unless you enjoy it, of course!) We should do them as the love of Christ pours forth from our hearts and be spontaneous as the Holy Spirit leads us.


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