When I hear Mike sing the first line of “When Mercy Looks at Me,” I think of the Good Samaritan.  In Jesus’ time, the Jews hated the Samaritans.  They hated them so much, that when they traveled, they would rather take the longer route of going around Samaria rather than go through it.  So here we have this man, a Jew, who should hold the same belief towards the Samaritans as his nation, and when he’s in need, the Samaritan is the one who helps him.

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“Nobody else could claim that He is God and then forgive the ones who say He’s not...”
That’s powerful.

I don’t believe the Jewish man had plans to be robbed that day he fell among thieves…but life seldom warns you of its greatest troubles beforehand.  We don’t have the pleasure of knowing what our days will hold when we wake up each morning.  We have to get out of bed and discover that day as each hour unfolds and sometimes, as we go about what should be a normal day, something occurs that feels like life just robbed us of everything we had and left us for dead.  We can’t help ourselves and those around seem to pass on by.   

When we find ourselves in this kind of situation, there is one singular thing we need to embrace to live in victory in spite of our circumstances, and it’s this – the only source of healing, happiness, contentment and purpose comes from Jesus Christ.

The man who was robbed saw a priest walk by.  A priest was a part of the religious system of the day and would represent the Law of Moses and uphold its statutes.  Surely, someone involved in religion would help him, right?  No.  The priest passed by on the opposite side of the road and avoided the man completely.  Then, a Levite walked by.  The tribe of Levi was dedicated to assisting with the ministry of the temple.  Maybe this was the man’s chance, if the priest couldn’t help him, maybe someone else in the ministry could.  Yet, the Levite followed in the footsteps of the priest, he walked by the hurting man and went on his way. 

The reason the priest and Levite couldn’t help the beaten man wasn’t because they weren’t good people or weren’t serving God with all their hearts; it was because of this – when the deepest hurt you could ever imagine beats you down, only Jesus can heal you. 

When we see Jesus as the Good Samaritan we learn a pivotal lesson – no one can minister and heal and lift you up like Jesus can.  As good as pastors, ministers and even gospel singers are to the body of Christ, our ministries are limited.  Folks, we’re here to tell you that religion in itself cannot help you.  We can do good things for people, support and listen to them as they explain their hurts and challenges; but we can’t heal your deepest wound.  We can and will encourage you and share Christ’s love, but at the end of the day you will still feel that ache down inside.  The best thing anyone can do for a friend who is hurting is to always point them to their personal relationship with Jesus. 

Time spent alone with Jesus will never disappoint you!  When we read the life of Jesus in the Gospels, we find that everyone who came to Jesus with a problem walked away whole.  New. Healed.  One of our key Scriptures for this study is Luke 6:19 which says, “And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.”  He is the One who can remove pain, restore you and make you whole.  Jesus never refused to help someone when He walked on this earth and He won’t refuse you!  Today, let’s be like the multitude in Jesus’ day – seek to touch Jesus!  


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When life beats you down – Jesus lifts you
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