The man had been walking down the hot dusty road for what felt like forever. Over his shoulder, he carried a heavy sack. Could he take another step? Round the corner and find some shade to rest under? He was so weary…

As much as he wanted, he couldn’t let go of his heavy sack and walk on without it – and as much as he hoped, a place of rest was nowhere in sight. Just a straight, plain, dusty road that stretched on forever and ever with no end – but he was determined to press on. Nothing would keep him from reaching his destination, no matter how hard the passage.

He didn’t hear the rattle of the wagon as the man and beast approached. But he did hear the voice when it called, “Ho, sir! Would you like a ride?”

The man with the burden answered, “No, no. I’m fine really, but thanks for asking.”

The two continued on, side by side, until the man in the wagon asked again, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to ride in the back of my wagon? There is plenty of room.”

Finally, the man agreed to get in the wagon.

The two went on and for a while, the wagon master was content in knowing that he was helping this weary traveler. After going down the road a little ways, the driver looked back and saw the man, standing in the wagon, his sack slung over his shoulder, teeth gritted and bone weary.

“Man!” the wagon master said, “Sit down! There is no need to hold your burden in the wagon, rest a while.”

The other man answered, “No, sir! You are kind enough to lend me a ride; I can handle the burden, myself.”

What does it mean for God to carry you?
Tune in to our song “He Will Carry You” on our “Live Like We’re Redeemed” project and listen to each situation described in the verses.
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We will all have times when we can identify with one of those situations; like the man burdened down by his heavy load, we get weary and tired from the trial we face. When that happens, don’t believe the lie that you must be strong to make it through. Don’t believe that God will only help those who help themselves. Don’t be like the man in the wagon, who clutched onto his burden even though he had an opportunity to rest.

One of our Key Scriptures for this week is Luke 15:4-5. In this passage, the shepherd realizes he is missing one of his sheep. What does he do? He leaves the sheep that he has in safety and goes after the one that is lost. Then, when he finds the sheep, it says, “He lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing.” That is what the Lord does when we’re in a battle, trial and heartache. He is like the man with the wagon in the opening analogy. He knows you’re tired, He knows you’re struggling to take the next step. He knows that what you’re carrying is heavy. Some people may tell you that He won’t help unless you pray hard and seek Him with tears; but the Bible says He draws near to the broken hearted. Read the verse from 2 Chronicles, it says, “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.” God wants to carry your burden! His eyes were on you the moment that trial hit and before long He will come up alongside you and ask, “Do you want a ride?”

This principle is key when learning to live redeemed. It’s hard to live victoriously when you’re worn out from trying to fix things. Living redeemed isn’t being defeated by past mistakes. It isn’t always being in control of your circumstances. Sometimes, living redeemed means that you let the Shepherd carry you on His shoulders through whatever you’re facing.

The Lord wants to carry us through every storm, battle and trial we will face. We were never meant to figure out life on our own apart from God. From the beginning of time it was always His intention to be personally and intimately involved in our lives. When we go through difficulties, He is not a distant God who holds you at arm’s length and says, “That’s your problem.” Rather, He is a loving Father who will hold you close to His heart and say, “I will carry you.” There are so many Scriptures that say He will not leave us or forsake us. Promises that He will be our strength, fight our battles and be our comfort. This week, I want you to rest and let God carry you through your problem. Give your burdens to Him and let Him be your strength!


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