What is grace? In today’s society, it seems like grace only comes up when negative things happen – someone loses their temper, makes a mistake or fails in an area of their life. That’s when people offer grace.

But when our heavenly Father offers grace, it’s quite a different story. I’d encourage you to take a moment and listen to our song “That’s Just What Grace Does” from our new CD and soak in the meaning of what grace – God’s grace – really is. After you’ve done that, we’ll discuss a few things about this song that are foundational to living redeemed.

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As you listened to the lyrics, did you hear the story behind each line of the verses? What happened to the beggar, orphan, the hardened heart and wasted days?

They were transformed.

The Father wants your life to be transformed as well. He desires to break the bondage of lies that hold you back from living life redeemed. He wants to restore the broken promises with His never ending love, turn the roads that led to despair into blessing and make your testimony a shining display of His glory. Whatever your need is – big or small – He wants you to know that He can supply it every day, hour and minute for the rest of your life.

When the Father offers grace it is a never ending supply, given without condition to all who ask for it. The second key to living redeemed is learning how to tap into that daily supply. Today’s “Key Verses” in Ephesians explains how we can begin this process. It is revealed in three simple words – through Christ Jesus.

When Jesus paid for our sin debt on the cross, rose again the third day and sat down at the right hand of the Father, the way of salvation was open. Now, when the Father looks at us, He only sees the blood. He sees His Son’s sacrifice and is satisfied. Because Jesus is accepted, we are accepted – for we are IN Christ. And if Christ is in heaven sitting at the right hand of the Father, it’s as if you are sitting at the Father’s right hand too. All the power available to Christ in that position is available to us. What kind of power is that? Read Ephesians 2:7 again and focus on these words – “exceeding riches of his grace” and “kindness toward us.” As we learned last week that God’s desire toward us is mercy, we see here that He desires to show us the exceeding riches of His grace and His kindness.

Grace isn’t something we experience when we’re saved, and then it fades into the distance. It isn’t something we receive when things go wrong; either by accident or our own doing. It isn’t a onetime thing – it’s a daily supply. Every day, when you wake up, Jesus Himself wants to remind you that you are a new creation, righteous before God and spotless in His sight. He point’s you to the cross. That is why God’s grace can transform lives – because that is the desire of the heart of God. That’s His grace…and that’s what grace does.


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It transforms, redeems, restores…that’s just what grace does. #RedeemedChallenge
On the wrong road? Promises broken? Held back by lies? It’s covered by God’s all-consuming love! #RedeemedChallenge  

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