The lyric to our new song, “Mission of Mercy,” is the gospel in a nutshell. In it, we hear how the redemption plan was originated, carried out and is still on-going today. I am sure that most everyone reading this has heard about the cross, resurrection and how Jesus paid for our sins on Calvary through the shedding of His precious blood. As a ministry, we never want to gloss over how redemption came about. We may have heard the “salvation story” and the “gospel” many, many times in our lives; but I would encourage you to take out our new CD “Live Like We’re Redeemed” and listen to track 6 and hear the good news one more time. After you’ve done that, we’ll discuss a few things about this song that are foundational to living redeemed.
Listen to Track 6

As you listened to those lyrics, did you hear the love of God speaking through them? I hope you did. If you need to, listen again and pay close attention to the second verse.

The first key element to living redeemed is grasping how much God the Father cares about you as an individual. The world we live in today tries to separate people and categorize them into groups such as; divorced, addict, depressed, widow, and even preacher, goody two shoes, and the list goes on and on. Our churches may even have ministries for people who find themselves in those positions – and that’s a wonderful thing – but it’s important to remember this, that’s what people do. People see other people that way, but God doesn’t.

God the Father never looks down on anyone and labels them. When He looks at you, He sees an individual that He can, and is willing, to help. There may be people at church or at work who may keep a distance from you because they see you too damaged to be friends with. They haven’t reached out because they’re afraid of what it will cost them to invest in your life, but God doesn’t feel that way. He has already paid the ultimate price to invest in your life and still, He wants to do more for you. He wants you to be happy, fulfilled and achieving the purpose He created you for.

The Key Scripture for this week goes over the life of Peter. You will remember how this out-spoken, fired up fisherman exclaimed, “Lord, I’d never deny You.” Peter even cut off the ear to one of the high priest’s servant, but when it came to the trial of Jesus, he denied the Lord three times, just like Jesus said he would. The Word says, “He went out and wept bitterly.” Peter was a close follower of the Lord, but he made a huge mistake. That mistake didn’t disqualify him from being a key player in founding the first century church after he was restored.

Peter wasn’t a perfect man. Yet, Jesus saw something in him that was valuable to the Kingdom of God, and He showed Peter mercy…and mercy changed Peter’s life.

This tells us a very important thing about what God is like.

It tells us that His heart burns with mercy towards those that are His. That He would leave heaven and come to earth and save you, rather than lose you. This week, I want you to focus on how God’s mercy can restore you, like it did Peter, from being bound by past mistakes to a new life in Christ.


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